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Outsourcing recruitment

We develop a professional and contemporary recruitment process tailored to your organisation. By having total control and through innovation in the recruitment process, we increase quality and efficiency. This is reflected in shorter turnaround times, the quality of the candidates, the candidate and hiring manager satisfaction, and in substantial cost savings. Are you ready to discover how recruitment can be done differently?

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Our approach
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing via EN HR solutions

Your organisation focuses on the core business. We focus on your recruitment process. Since every company has unique objectives and recruitment needs, we do everything on a tailor-made basis. In our partnership, together we build on the strategic position of recruitment within your organisation. 

Our recruiters are the point of contact for all recruitment issues from an acute recruitment demand to structural labour market communication and international recruitment. And from permanent employees to temporary workers and interim positions. In this way, we move along optimally with the needs of the organisation.

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