Interim recruitment solutions

The need for extra recruitment capacity is often ad hoc and can require a prompt and effective response. EN HR solutions’ interim recruitment solutions provide just that. Our Interim Desk helps employers solve their (temporary) recruitment capacity issues in the most effective way. Quality, speed, and professionalism are what we deliver.

Interim recruitment with EN HR solutions

We have tailored all of our services to our clients’ recruitment needs. Whether it’s solving a capacity issue, filling hard-to-fill positions, or creating new recruitment activities; the interim recruiters know the challenges the rapidly-changing job market poses.

How we work and what sets us apart

Our Interim Desk can provide an interim recruiter within 48 hours. Matched to suit the recruitment requirement, the client, and the industry. We believe in honest and transparent recruitment fees for interim recruiters. Thus providing an affordable solution with a fast turnaround time.

When hiring a recruiter through our Interim Desk, our clients also receive a discount for EN HR solutions’ online recruitment solutions. Job marketing creates the right attention for the open vacancies and speeds up finding the right candidates. Additionally, attractive pricing is available for employer branding and/or the purchase of a new Working-at website. This is how we reach a preferred position in the job market.

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