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A job vacancy that stands out!


Tailor-made campaign Tailor-made campaign
Tailor-made campaign Data-driven
Tailor-made campaign 100% in your name

Vacancy marketing is about highlighting the vacancy to active and passive job seekers, with the aim of getting them to apply. Vacancy marketing enables companies to be better positioned to fill vacancies with the right candidates. In order to realise their growth targets.

Job Marketing

We encourage candidates to apply

How can you ensure your vacancy stands out in a tight labour market? Vacancy marketing is the solution. Using a tailor-made campaign, communicating in your name, we ensure optimum reach of your vacancy/vacancies.


Every recruitment campaign starts with research. How large is the group we want to reach? How active are they? And via which channels can we best reach them? Using extensive labour market analysis, we know precisely what our target group looks like and which message we can use to encourage them to submit an application.


Next, we conduct an intake to focus in more detail on the role in question. We rewrite the job ad, design banners in the right style and develop a media strategy so we know for certain that your vacancy is visible on the most appropriate channels. The result? A smart, tailor-made campaign with the potential to instil enthusiasm in talents for a job within your organisation.



Tailor-made campaign
Tailor-made campaign

We develop creative, effective and conversion-oriented campaigns. From making banners to optimising the campaign - we are responsible for the entire campaign process which is always personalised.

100% in your name
100% in your name

Every message is published from in-house channels and according to the right look & feel of your organisation. This enables us to make a positive contribution towards Employer Branding

Data-driven and conversion-oriented
Data-driven and conversion-oriented

Vacancy marketing is data-driven and conversion-oriented. This means that we can adopt a conversion-oriented approach for the desired result.

Diversity of resources
Diversity of resources

For vacancy marketing, depending on the vacancy, we use social media, job search engines, geo targeting, remarketing and/or content marketing.

Building on a strong employer brand

Recruitment your way

We are the most experienced player in the market with a proven track record nationally and internationally. We have been active for over 20 years in various organisations and a wide range of sectors in the Benelux.


By developing a strong employer branding strategy, we help organisations become the brand of choice among their key target groups. By being present at the right time and place, we establish links with the necessary talent.

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Why is it wise to focus on open positions by means of vacancy marketing?
Because open positions within your organisation are visible on different job vacancy platforms, social media and other relevant channels it is possible to reach a large group of active and passive job seekers. Vacancy marketing also contributes to awareness of your employer brand.
Which information do you obtain using your labour market analysis?
In collaboration with Intelligence Group, we have insight into the European labour market. The data we obtain from our analysis reveals how large the target group is you want to reach with your vacancy, who the key competitors are and how active the target group is. We can also ascertain things such as recruitment feasibility and pull and push factors using our dashboard.
How do I ensure a good labour market communication strategy?
An labour marketing communication strategy is crucial for attracting and retaining the right candidates for an organization. A strong labour marketing communication strategy requires time, planning, and continuous efforts to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of candidates in the job market. Our consultants are here to assist and support you in this process.