A new approach
to Recruitment

That’s for sure, and we know how! Our smart recruitment solutions ensure a strong and original recruitment process. We find the best talent that organisations need for growth. We work from your brand name, to strengthen your employer brand. Recruitment is a specialism. We stand for expertise, innovation and partnership.


Why EN HR solutions?

Twenty years of recruitment expertise
Recruitment and marketing: all solutions under one roof
Our approach ensures the best match
Always on behalf of the organisation to strengthen the employer brand
Innovative, measurable and proactive approach
As a recruitment business partner, we take care of the entire process
Recruitment outsourcing

We help organisations achieve their growth targets by finding the right talent at the right time. RPO assures you a proactive recruitment process, you save costs, you are flexible and you build structurally on your employer brand.

Recruitment Marketing

With our smart technology and knowledge, we ensure that your employer brand is visible among the right target group and we select the best talents. Your brand is given a preferential position on the labour market and you subsequently choose the best candidate.