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How do you make it easy to apply for jobs at your organisation? You do this by developing a company careers website that puts the applicant in contact with your organisation. In addition, it is the place where you can share everything about your organisation.

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Career website template

A powerful message is sometimes all about simplicity. Therefore, we develop career websites for our clients using our template. A design including all pages and functionalities you need to load your employer brand. From a blog page to a vacancy page with filter option.


Customised career website  

A bespoke career website demonstrates perfectly what your organisation offers in house for potential talent. We build the website from scratch and start off with target group and organisation research. We translate this to a website with the right layout, content and design to instil enthusiasm in potential talent. The website features custom links, chatbot integrations and provides scope for different types of content.




A separate website designed specifically for who you are as an employer contributes to the visibility of your organisation. This is the place to instil enthusiasm in potential talent for your organisation.

Candidate Journey
Candidate Journey

A properly designed career website contributes to a positive candidate journey. This is the place where potential talent gets to know more about your brand and can get in touch with a recruiter.


How easily is your website being found? Is it actually visited by the right target groups? And which content is read or viewed the most? Our reports deliver the right insights to carry out possible optimisations.


Organisations are constantly evolving. And the same applies to our career websites. We use reports to keep on optimising. We ensure that your website fits with what talent is looking for in a career website.

Building on a strong employer brand


We are the most experienced player in the market with a proven track record nationally and internationally. We have been active for over 20 years in various organisations and a wide range of sectors in the Benelux.


By developing a strong employer branding strategy, we help organisations become the brand of choice among their key target groups. By being present at the right time and place, we establish links with the necessary talent.

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How can an attractive career website contribute to your employer brand?
A well-designed career website can contribute to the image of your company. It is also the place where your talent can get to know who you are as an organisation and what you stand for. You thus increase the chance of applicants being able to be a good fit with your company culture, and being interested in a role within your organisation.
How do you ensure that the website is aligned with what the user is after?
We hold interviews with the target group in order to investigate the wishes and behaviour of the user.
Do you also support your clients in developing content for the career website?
Of course! In collaboration with our clients, we develop content appropriate for the target group and the employer brand. For example, blog content or video content.