Every day we work on a wide variety of recruitment issues and consider innovative recruitment solutions. EN HR solutions is always looking for amazing talent with a fresh view of recruitment. Is your ambition to bring recruitment to an even higher level? Do you want to contribute to the success of national and international organizations? Join our team and become a Strong Original!

We believe in a different approach to recruitment. So how you choose to apply is entirely up to you. Via social media (#strongoriginals), WhatsApp, a handwritten letter delivered by drone, karaoke video, or with a sweet delivery (we love calories 😉 to our headquarters? Surprise us!

Prefer to apply based on a job description? Not a problem. Read on for our current job openings in Dutch.

Job openings (in dutch)

Why choose EN HR solutions?

We want to bring out the best in recruitment and ourselves. Working at EN HR solutions, you’ll find yourself energized by the variety of clients and their recruitment challenges. You’ll also be working on a wide range of projects. Customization, innovation, and engagement are always leading.

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