A different approach to recruitment

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a collaboration between an organization and a recruitment expert. As recruitment partner, we take care of the recruitment process. Entirely or by supporting specific aspects of the recruitment process. Our solutions help organizations find and retain the best employees. The people who are essential to an organization realizing its business goals and ambitions. Now and in the future.

RPO via EN HR solutions

Everything we do is customized. We research the job market opportunities for our clients and together determine the strategy. Our services are scalable to meet your current or future recruitment needs. As we favor long-term and close collaboration with our clients, we value open communication and offer scalable recruiting capacity. Our recruiters are the primary point of contact for everything recruitment-related. Whether relating to permanent employees, temps, or interim positions, we adapt to the organization’s needs.

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We passionately work with our clients to make recruitment smarter, more creative, and more efficient. Our clients include:

Our approach

Collaboration is our starting point. We build a team that includes all the disciplines we need to do the job. From recruiting capacity to talent sourcers and online marketers. Based on our expertise, we advise and lead the way by setting out the required trajectories. We transform strategies into ambitious and clear goals and the KPIs to track them, smooth processes and data-driven marketing campaigns. Always serving as an extension of the client and providing a unique concept. Driven by innovation and customer experience.

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