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Project Description

Engaging care

St Jansdal hospital is a general hospital in Harderwijk. Due to the shortage of healthcare professionals and the general services provided, St Jansdal was looking for ways to distinguish themselves from other (academic) hospitals in the region. We developed a customized social media strategy and are partly responsible for the execution of this strategy.

Goal: Distinguish St Jansdal hospital as an employer from regional and academic hospitals.

St Jansdal hospital’s services are the same as other hospitals. So why would a healthcare professional choose to work at St Jansdal hospital? We have built and grown an online community where that question is answered through various social media campaigns. A community to connect with the target audience. We regularly share target group-orientated content that appeals to and delights future and current staff.

Content marketing allows us to connect with healthcare professionals and fulfill St Jansdal’s employer promise every day. We also extend this interaction to conversion-driven social media campaigns on Facebook and Indeed.


  • Fast-growing community on Facebook
  • Increased interaction with registered nurses and medical specialists
  • Increase in job applications (mainly nurses)
  • Improved candidate quality


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