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Project Description

International recruitment within the technology sector

Everyone is aware that the demand for excellent staff is incredibly high in the technology sector. If you want to get technology professionals moving, you’ll have to move them. At the right moment. What is an easy way to connect with possible future employees?

Goal: Recruit technology professionals in a competitive and niche market

As Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V.’s (MTEE) Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, we are responsible for the entire recruitment process. Because MTEE is one of the few automotive employers in the Netherlands, in addition to a national recruitment strategy, we also set up an international procedure in Eastern Europe. For MTEE, we transformed strategy into ambitious goals and the KPIs to track them, streamlined processes, and data-driven marketing campaigns.

We are also responsible for setting up an MTEE trainee program. Proactive campus recruitment allows our recruiters to connect with potential talent at an early stage and interest them in a Design, Assemblage, Development, or Testing traineeship. As a result, XX trainees have now started their traineeship and XX employees have moved on to a permanent position at MTEE.


  • Constant visibility of MTEE, nationally and internationally
  • Development and implementation of traineeships
  • Successful talent pooling through proactive campus recruitment


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