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Project Description

Welcome to the digital world of KLM

KLM is known as one of the world’s leading airline companies. Less well-known is the fact that IT is vital within KLM; aviation would be nowhere without it. EN HR solutions is responsible for the rebranding of the KLM IT career website.

Goal: Attract a new generation of IT professionals and boost KLM’s profile as an innovative IT employer.

KLM IT’s career website no longer met KLM’s recruitment needs, and they wanted a mobile first site. We developed a new, distinctive website that clearly conveys KLM IT’s story to the target audience. Designed entirely in line with the (employer) brand and aimed at activating and inspiring visitors.

We held various concept sessions, delved into both the organization and the target group’s needs, and spoke to employees – from management to trainees. With striking images, captivating content, simple navigation, and bilingual content, the new Working-at website brings an optimal candidate experience.


  • Increased number of visitors due to improved online visibility (SEO and Mobile)
  • Increased brand recognition for KLM as IT employer
  • Strong commitment among KLM employees


Are you interested in learning more about KLM IT and the development of the new Working-at website?  Rob de Vormer (Teamlead Team Online) is happy to tell you more!


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