A candidate-driven job market requires a strong employer brand and distinctive job market communications. It calls for our online marketers’ creativity. EN HR solutions’ online recruitment solutions ensure that employers and their vacancies stand out, and reach and move potential talents. Engagement and conversion, that’s what we’re after.


Job marketing ensures optimal reach and the right attention for vacancies. By using various media channels, we increase both the visibility of the job opening, and brand recognition for the company. For example, through social media advertising, building online communities, employing (niche) job boards and securing a prominent position in job search engines. Our campaigns support recruiters from start to finish in filling the positions.

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Employer branding

How do you ensure that people choose you as an employer? With the fast-growing competition, defining your employer brand is critical to retaining the right talents. Employer branding aims to obtain a unique preferred position in the job market. How do organizations achieve this? By working with us to discover their own unique story. Using content marketing and storytelling, we then transform this employer story into a successful employer branding strategy.

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Career Website

A Working-at website is central to recruiting candidates online. It is where you can directly communicate with the talent you want to reach and retain. We provide end-to-end website development, tailored and designed for an optimal candidate experience. The website is aligned with the organization’s identity and offers an easy way to apply for job openings.

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