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Recruitment is an area of expertise

EN HR solutions gets people moving. As recruitment experts, we transform the latest job market developments into innovative services. Always serving as an extension of the client and providing a unique concept. We combine recruitment with the innovations in digital marketing. For over 15 years we have been helping national and international organizations strengthen their position in the job market and fill recruitment needs. That makes us the most experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner in the Dutch market.

As RPO partner, our services include (project)recruitment, Total Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Job Marketing, and Search & Hunt. We get our clients noticed and pleasantly surprise candidates with a fast and personal recruitment process. Meet our employees and get to know EN HR solutions.

‘It’s a privilege to work with such talented people at EN HR solutions. Passionate colleagues who work incredibly hard every day to find the best talent available for our clients. By continuously innovating, we always manage to stay one step ahead of our competition. I enjoy taking on a coaching and facilitating role for my colleagues, and as a Strong Original, I work closely with our clients.’

Tjesca Honnef-Kuytenbrouwer – Managing Director

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‘Who are those Strong Originals at EN HR solutions? A young team of recruitment and marketing professionals, each with their own view of the business. EN HR solutions suits me so well because the company is always moving forward. People sometimes say that energy is never lost and that you get what you give. That’s the dynamic at EN HR solutions and the reason I am happy to call myself a Strong Original.’

Rob de Vormer – Team Lead Team Online

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